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What about Mettaton neo

i gave this 4.5 for a reason the music was a clever choice i heard a wilhelm scream i like the style of animation

what is funny is that you die pretty quickly in Ds2 so getting impaled by dozens of bullets is freaking funny

5 stars for vats system to suicide

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the game was fun and challenging overall but the difficulty of some of the puzzles were super easy and could have been much harder with more mechanics, but with the story (if there even is one) was that of a fetch quest, the game is super short and could have been much longer with some off the areas like the labyrinth, I never got stuck once which made me actually have a good time. The music was kind of bland for an 8-bit game and could have used some more notes and have a cooler melody for the labyrinth area or the storm room. The bulldog mechanics I did not like because of the half steps they take when moving and that made it inconvenient when it came to moving them in certain areas. The snacks should have given an award for collecting all of them and also achievements would have been nice to have. Overall 4/5: Good game, but could be better.

platformalist responds:

Hi angrivator!

Thanks for the feedback! I hadn't thought of including separate music for Maze Castle - it would have been fun to make area-specific music, for sure. I originally had included ocean-sounds for areas where you find yourself near a body of water, but they were a little intrusive, especially once I had added the option to play music. A lot of players seem to be fine with the difficulty, so I'm glad that you found it enjoyable, but I definitely agree that the bulldog-mechanic wasn't as tight as it could have been.

Objects which can be pushed are a bit of a unique challenge, since you need them to lock into a grid if they have to be pushed through corridors, but if they're too touchy or easy to push around, then puzzles can become more frustrating than necessary. In hindsight, I'd give the bulldogs a little more weight, and require more of a starting push to get them moving.

Thanks again for playing! :)

i remember this game back then

i get 770 on bergentrucking/asgore but i get 20 on megalovania undertale remix dang this is a hard game

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Awesome work like usual dokuro... Pls dont hate me for being here too

Nice song you got there... Can you pm me the lyrics in japanese so i could have a reference. 5/5

The song is OK but a little to repetitive... Could use some work on some instruments in the song but keep the beginning the same just a bit shorter. 3.5/5

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Could be Rick could be Doc Brown (who knows) (Lenny here)

HOLY HELL this is a badass masterpiece like i would imagine this as a hero in DOTA 2 or a boss in WoW

this is really good art i could name all of the games is have seen or played

super hexagon
flappy bird
angry birds
One Finger Death Punch
shovel knight

the ones that i dont see
The binding of Isaac
Super meat boy
the duck game

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Cool. Glad you recognize those.


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